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Provide students access to personalized, current, and complete information on college costs and financial aid. With a low price and customizable options, our NPC is a reliable and convenient tool for you and for students.


Several reasons why hundreds of institutions have chosen the College Board's NPC:

  • Affordable, accurate and robust NPC from a trusted organization that “knows” financial aid and enrollment.
  • Highly customizable content, need analysis, awarding and messaging.
  • Easily implemented and updated.
  • Broadly accessible and student-centered.
  • Low comprehensive annual fee; no hidden costs; no long-term contract required.

And the list goes on!

  • Tailored to reflect your financial aid awards and policies
  • Customized to communicate your messages
  • Linked to your profile in College Search, making it easy for students to learn about your campus as well as their financial "fit"

"I value being able to customize our calculator in ways that match our enrollment goals. The College Board's NPC enables us to convey both the value and affordability of Union College. I can personalize the award and reach out with messages that give students a sense of who we are and why we might be a good fit for them." 

Linda M. Parker, Director of Financial Aid, Union College

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Easy to Implement
  • With an average set-up time of less than a week, the College Board's Net Price Calculator is easier to implement than you might think.
  • Our family contribution computations are fully tested for accuracy, allowing you to focus on setting your cost of attendance and awarding rules.
  • Don't have time to spare? Extended support is available so you can get the job done in the time you have available.
  • Real-time updating enables you to respond quickly to institutional, state and federal changes. Plus, you can easily switch to the next academic year on your schedule.

"The online self-service model works great. It has allowed us to complete the set-up with rules specific to Brown with ease."

 — Jim Tilton, Director of Financial Aid, Brown University

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